Jordania Goldberg, MA, KSM, OAMHP, CCPP Worldwide Availability

Jordania Goldberg, MA, KSM, OAMHP, CCPP Worldwide Availability

Jordania Goldberg, MA, KSM, OAMHP, CCPP Worldwide AvailabilityJordania Goldberg, MA, KSM, OAMHP, CCPP Worldwide AvailabilityJordania Goldberg, MA, KSM, OAMHP, CCPP Worldwide Availability

virtual care Counseling

Traditional & Holistic

The synergy of traditional and holistic counseling techniques is powerful. My background in both of these techniques 

allows me to work with you and achieve optimal results. 

My background includes clinical and addiction counseling, meditation, KSTechnique, Dream Work, Reiki and Ayurveda. 

I have years of experience in each of these modalities and I look forward to sharing this experience with you as part of 

your journey toward healing, balance and health.

My office provides virtual care through video conferencing and instant messaging so I can meet with you wherever you are. 

All counseling sessions are conducted in English. The French button on this site is for information only.


Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful, seasonal or traumatic circumstances. Anxiousness, sadness, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger during and after these events. 

Traditional counseling can help you process these feelings and 

guide you toward healing and balance. 

There is the option of short term, goal oriented counseling and 

long term, process oriented counseling. 

Short term and long term counseling are available on an

 individual, couple, family and group basis. 



Holistic counseling includes spiritual and energy counseling.  

Specific modalities offered are KSTechnique, Dream Interpretation, Meditation and Guided Visualization. 

These sessions provide  ways you can explore the deeper meaning of your life,  relationships and connect with 

your higher purpose.  

When incorporated into relationship, family and group counseling, the  benefits extend to your support network and 

help in all stages of relationship. 

Who I am

Here For You

I am a counselor with IPath Counseling. 

I offer holistic, individualized, psychological care and have over 25 years of counseling experience.  

I provide virtual care through video conferencing and instant messaging. 

My extensive background in a variety of traditional and holistic techniques helps me 

develop a treatment plan that is individualized to your specific treatment needs.

 I work with a number of issues and provide a neutral space for individuals, couples, families and groups.

 My greatest joy is to see people grow and achieve their potentials in life.

Treatment Focus

My focus is to help you heal, balance, and become aware of your

 inner strengths and purpose. I help you to achieve this by providing a safe connection, listening to your concerns and goals and customizing a treatment plan. 

I work with both traditional and holistic modalities and have years of experience in each. A list of counseling services is listed below. They include traditional and addiction counseling, KSTechnique, dream interpretation, mindful meditation and guided visualization. Sessions can take a variety of forms depending on you specific needs. 

I look forward to being there for you on your journey. 

My goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.

Virtual Office

By working in a virtual office I can meet with you wherever you are. I offer virtual care through video conferencing. and instant messaging.  You only need online and email access and be comfortable with using them in order to attend your counseling session. 

When you click the Book Now button on this page you will be directed to our online booking site.  To book an appointment please email me at and request a URL and intake forms. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about my practice here as well. Then print and fill out the intake forms, come back to this site, click the Book Now button and use the URL to log in. There you can upload your intake forms to our secure server and book an appointment. 

Appointments need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance for new clients. Existing clients have access to my schedule and can choose the time and day of their desired appointment based on availability. 

Please note that this is not an emergency service. If you are experiencing an emergency please call 911 or go to the emergency room.  

ipath Counseling Menu of services



Counseling focuses on you, the client. We work together with the guidance of traditional counseling techniques. Individual counseling incorporates Rogerian and Jungian work. Couples and families can benefit from Satir and Bowenian methods. Groups are based on the Yalem model. 

These modalities are used in a fluid fashion based on your needs. 

50min, 75min and 100 min sessions are available.

ACT - Addiction Counseling Treatment

When addiction drives us we are prone to engaging in repeated substance use or behaviors that can result in adverse consequences.  Individual, couple, family and group counseling are available for the alcoholic, addict, their family and support network. 

It is also recommended that the addict and family attend outside 12 step meetings.

50min, 75min and 100min sessions are available 


KSTechnique is a healing modality based on traditional Kabbalah. The ToL (Tree of Life) is assessed virtually in the esoteric body of the client. Areas of imbalance found during the assessment are then explored and harmonized using various KST and energy counseling techniques. 

50min, 75min and 100min sessions are available.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams, according to KSTechnique, have  meaningful symbolism. There are 4 different types of dreams that can be explored. They include dreams that express an overflow of unresolved life events,  those that speak to us as archetypal symbols,  lucid dreams when we are conscious while dreaming as well as soul traveling. 

During a dream interpretation counseling session we unravel the mystery of your dreams in order to better resolve their presenting issue or hear and integrate their message and meaning.  

50min, 75min and 100min sessions are available.

Mindful Meditation and Guided Visualization

Mindful meditation sessions can help bring you into the present. This ability is then incorporated into your life. Once in a state of greater awareness you can become a more active participant in your life. Guided visualization can both aid in deepening this meditative experience as well as uncover issues that are ready to be processed through counseling. 

These sessions are appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced meditators.  

50min, 75min and 100min sessions are available. 


Are IPath Counseling services covered by medicare?

Unfortunately, most psychotherapy and counseling services are not covered by medicare.  Therefore, HST and GST are added to the session amount. For instance a $150.00CAD service would be close to $172.00CAD. Likewise, IPath counseling does not accept Insurance plans. 

50min sessions are typically $150.00CAD + HST/GST, 75min sessions are $210.00CAD + HST/GST and 100min sessions are $260.00CAD +HST/GST. 

Payments can be made through the client portal using Stripe. 

Education and certification


MA - Masters in Family, Couples and Child Counseling

Pacific Oaks College, Pasadena, California: 1995

CDC - Specialist in Alcohol/Drug Studies

Glendale Community College, Glendale, California: 1993

KSM - Kabbalah Somatic Teacher

IPATH INC, Las Vegas, Nevada: 2007.

Jordania is the founder of IPATH INC & KSTechnique

Ayurvedic Counselor

American Institute of Vedic Studies, New Mexico: 2000

Rabbi - Ordained Rabbi

JSLI - Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute, New York, New York: 2018.

Certified and Professional Member

Professional Member of CCPA-ACCP

Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association

Member of OAMHP

Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals

Union Member of UJUC 

Union of Jewish Universalist Congregations

Contact Us

Here for You

Please contact me with questions.


please email me with your request. Afterwards I can send you a link to the client portal where you can fill out your intake forms. Once they are filled out and I have received them I will send you a link and password for the client portal where you can book your appointment. 


Email: Websites: &

Canada (514) 883-9775 US (310) 498-3341




Office hours listed below are by appointment only. 

New clients can request a password for the client portal by sending an email request. 

Feel free to use the "Send Message" button below to send an email.

Appointment Schedule: 

Monday & Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday: 10 - 4 pm
Closed Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

All times listed are based on Eastern Standard Time

Schedule can change without notice unless session has been booked. 

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